Dear Patrons,

Vince and I are committed to keeping Hope Golf Club open and a potentially safe place to be during this COVID-19 crisis we are facing, unless we are ordered to close. To help keep the Golf Course a safe place to be, we are asking our members, staff and guests to please comply with the following procedures that have been recommended by health officials.

Any golfer WITHOUT symptoms of COVID-19 is currently free to play following these measures below, in order to reduce the risk of transferring the virus to others:

Close or limited clubhouse activity

We ask that when getting ready to golf, assemble your equipment and put your shoes on etc. in an outdoor area or by your vehicle/parking lot. The Locker Rooms and Clubhouse washrooms are available, but we ask that you respect social distancing at all times, with only 2 people in the washroom at a time, and no more than 3 people in the locker room at a time.

The restaurant indoor dining area and kitchen will remain closed for the 2021 season.

Hungry Peasant will be providing takeout and patio service Wednesday to Sunday, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and league nights Wednesday to Friday, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm with the patios upstairs and downstairs being available.

League meals will be prepared Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and will be available for take out between 5 and 7:00 pm. Must be ordered before 5:00 pm.

The Patio will be open and have limited seating, no more than six people at a table, and tables must remain 2 metres apart.

Refreshments and canteen items will be available at the Pro Shop.

Checking in

Only 1 person/group in the Pro Shop at a time.

You can book your tee time either online

or by phoning the pro shop at 604-869-5881.

If paying by cash we ask that you have correct currency or pay by debit or credit card using tap whenever possible. Another option will be to do an etransfer to hopegolfclub@gmail.com .


Thursday Ladies Drop in League started on April 30th Teeing off at 5:00 PM, Wednesday Men’s Drop in League started March 31st Teeing off at 5:00 PM as well as between 2:00pm – 5:00pm.

Friday Awesome Twosome Drop in League Tee off at 5:00 PM

While on the Course:

  • We recommend playing in twosomes, but foursomes are permitted
  • Use physical distancing (2 metre rule) on the putting green
  • Meet on the first tee with modified greetings at a distance
  • Insist on physical distancing (2 metres rule) on tees, greens and throughout the rounds
  • Private Golf carts should only be used by single individuals
  • Golfers should only pick their own ball up
  • Only one person handles the scorecard
  • Ball cleaners, towels, sand and seed boxes have all been removed.
  • Leave the flag in place while putting
  • Sort out the sand in the bunker with a club or foot
  • Do not use airlines for cleaning shoes or equipment following the round
  • Players should use hand sanitizer at the beginning of the round and at the end
  • No handshakes on 18th green (do not hand over money either??)
  • When entering the Clubhouse you are required to wear a mask and sanitize upon arrival and departure.
  • Course washrooms are not cleaned hourly, please use caution and be sure to sanitize before and after using them.

Is it our intention to keep maintaining the golf course to our current standards but due to revenue reductions caused by following procedures due to COVID-19, some areas (tree lines, perimeter of playing area, cart paths upgrade, bunker maintenance, etc…) may take a little longer to get done, your patience and understanding with this is much appreciated.

Thank you for your cooperation as we deal with this unprecedented time in the world we live in.


Bonnie and Vince Cianfagna


Hope Golf Club